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Image by Iñigo De la Maza

Regional Specialty Products

Smile Produce provides Regional Specialty Products for overseas clients who don’t live in Canada but want to enjoy the nutritional benefits of Regional Specialty Products. This service aims to open overseas markets and to export Canadian agricultural foods to foreign countries. Smile Produce will also import Regional Specialty that can only be grown in Asian countries for their environmental requirements to Canada, providing Canadian community wider varieties of wholesome foods.

Urban Gardening
Regional Specialty

Smile Produce will select and provide consumer-oriented Regional Specialty like ginseng, herbs, mushrooms, truffles, and so on, and distribute through its retailers and resellers network. The products can be in dried, oil, or power form for preservation of its essential nutrition. In this way, consumers can benefit from having a more convenient way to acquire Regional Specialty that can truly enhance their immune system and quality of tastes.

Grocery Basket
Processed Foods

Smile Produce will source Processed Foods like fermented food or beverage, tinned food, seasoned food, and so on. The agricultural foods that have been subjected to special treatment may have special flavoring and nutrition in food. Fermented foods contain probiotics and prebiotics that may improve digestion, boost immunity, and help us maintain a healthy weight.

Smile Produce will distribute the nutritious and competitive Processed Foods to its network that helps overall efficiency of clients’ business and profits.

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