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Fresh Agricultural Produce Product

The provision of Fresh Agricultural Produce is one of the focuses of Smile Produce. This service will enable Canadian customers to acquire a variety of fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Grains and Seeds from countries that have competitive advantage over growing economic crops in Canada. On the other hand, the company will source Canadian agricultural produce and export to Asian regions like Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. With enhanced cold chain logistical operations, Smile Produce can supply fresh and nutritious agricultural produce to their extensive network of customers

Organic Vegetables

At the Vegetable product category, Smile Produce sources leaves, bulbs, and roots from overseas farmlands, and import the economics crops to Canada. Smile Produce provides Vegetables at competitive price so customers can enjoy the flavors and health benefits of vegetables. The below list shows products that will be sold by Smile Produce in the first year. New items will be added consistently to meet market demand.

Smile Produce provides various Vegetables including:

✔ Garlic

✔ Ginger

✔ Shallot

✔ Onions

Picking Grapes

At the Fruits product category, Smile Produce sources tropical fruits from Asian countries and distribute the fruits in Canada. The selection of the products is based on the top ten imports and exports of fresh fruit in Canada, and the seasonality of each item. Also, we export Canadian fruits 

from local farms and orchards to Asian countries like China and Vietnam, where the company develops distribution network. These services benefit consumers of the countries from savoring the sweet and fleshy fruits.

Smile Produce provides various Fruits including:

✔ Dragon Fruit

✔ Pineapple

✔ Mango

✔ Banana

✔ De-husked Coconut

✔ Blueberry

✔ Cherry

✔ Cranberry

✔ Pear

✔ Peach

Barley Grains
Grains and Seeds

At the Grains and Seeds product category, Smile Produce sources Grains like wild rice, wheats, barleys, and Seeds like hazelnuts and sesame seeds from each unique regions of the province in Canada and distributes the economic crops through exports distribution network. Grains and Seeds are sold in different package size to accommodate to customer’s and business’ needs. These services benefit consumers of the countries from savoring the healthful grains and seeds.

Smile Produce provides various Grains and Seeds including:

✔ Wild Rice

✔ Spilt Peas

✔ Barley Pearl

✔ Hazelnut

✔ DBrown Lentils

✔ Chia Seeds

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